Local Hero: High School Basketball Coach Rescues Student's Life with AED

In a heart-stopping incident during a routine high school basketball practice, Coach Robert Tate, the dedicated and quick-thinking basketball coach and assistant principal at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School, and his assistant basketball coach, Coach Brad Palmer, displayed extraordinary heroism by saving a student's life using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

During a typical practice session at Horizon Science Academy, a senior student and basketball player, Sam Lamboi, suddenly collapsed on the court due to a cardiac emergency. Without hesitation, Coach Tate and Palmer sprung into action, recognized the severity of the situation, and commanded colleagues to call 911 immediately.

While waiting for emergency responders, Coaches Tate and Palmer used the AED available on-site. With precision and calm under pressure, they followed the AED's voice prompts to administer the life-saving electric shock to Sam. Thanks to their quick and effective actions, the AED successfully restored Sam's heartbeat, and he began to breathe again.

"Coach Tate's quick response and knowledge of how to use the AED were absolutely instrumental in saving Sam's life," said Jessica Shoaf, Regional Director of Teaching and Learning. "We are immensely proud of his heroism and the importance of having AEDs readily available in schools."

This incident highlights the significance of AEDs in schools and the importance of training staff and educators in their use. AEDs are invaluable tools that can make a critical difference in emergencies, particularly in environments with active sports programs.

Sam is expected to recover fully, thanks to the immediate action taken during this life-threatening situation. This remarkable event serves as a testament to the importance of preparedness and the heroic nature of educators like Coach Tate and Palmer.

The entire Horizon Science Academy community is coming together to celebrate Coach Tate's and Coach Palmer’s extraordinary courage and determination in saving a student's life. His quick thinking and bravery serve as an inspiration to us all.